Never lose a website customer again . . . at least without a fight.

Your website traffic is booming but you have one slight problem, your customers come, they look around and they leave. No lead, no sale, just lost business. So how can you stop this? How can you entice your potential customers to take action now? What if you could use state of the art patented technology to move your web visitors to take action? What if you could turn 20% more visitors into buyers? What if you could take advantage of all of the benefits of live chat without the employee expense, mind numbing wait times, or having to utilize third parties that don’t know your business?

Introducing DontGo a simple and effective way to get your potential customers to take action, even if they were planning to leave your site. Not only will you increase sales, but you’ll provide a better customer experience because your website visitors now feel someone has taken an active interest in them. When a visitor attempts to leave a shopping cart or moves to exit your site, DontGo instantly engages them, providing answers to questions and offering them one last incentive to take action now.

Our patented technology uses artificial intelligence so you don’t need to hire anyone. Visitors engage with a DontGo virtual operator, having no idea it isn’t a real person. They are eventually guided back to complete their order, or form or to call you, instantly recovering potential lost revenue.

More people are leaving your website than staying. DontGo helps keep them there longer and converts shoppers into buyers.

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We keep people on your website longer and prompt them to take action.

  • Artificial Intelligence Chat Software
  • Exit pop-ups
  • Answers every question right – every time
  • Increases sales without increasing digital ad spend