DontGo’s Exit Intent Technology is What’s Setting Us Apart

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Date: August 2, 2016

By David Wigler in DontGo News

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What a funny name for a company. It certainly took me a while to adjust, but I have to admit that it really is the perfect name for our company. We are named for our Exit Intent Technology, which combined with our patented AI chat, launches on every web visit and figuratively says “Wait, DontGo; Don’t leave the website without talking to us.”

Every business struggles to solve the old if a tree falls in the forest conundrum

We advertise; we pay for Google Ad words; we obsess over SEO; we film commercials; we master social media. We do all of the above and more just to get a prospect to peruse our website. Once they get there, we know that all that money we spent and all that time we devoted now hinges on our website engaging them.

Web visitors slip away easily

What if they did not like our colors? What if our campaign did not catch their attention? What if they hit our website and then got distracted? What if our $1M order was about to click the critical button to close them and an alert came up on their phone to check out ESPN? All that money and time wasted.

Most research acknowledges that somewhere between 90% – 96% of web traffic never takes action. Think about that stat for a minute. All our time, effort and money for a 4% – 10% engagement rate. DontGo’s exit intent technology is specifically designed to address this problem.

Our solution

What is Exit Intent? Exit intent is technology within our chat software that monitors the mouse on the screen and automatically launches our chat box when the mouse starts to head to the dreaded X on the top right of the screen to leave our customers website or when the mouse starts to head to the bottom left. Now in actuality, the chat does not say “Don’t Go”, it says whatever our clients want it to say. The critical point though, is that it says it as they were about to leave the site and it stops them from leaving.

By doing so, our customers average roughly 15% more web engagements. The chat launches and the visitor to our client’s website asks it a question (Which the patented AI answers in 4 seconds, providing an outstanding customer service experience), clicks on the button to receive a call or fills out a form. Any of the three actions allow our clients to capture information about the web visitor and convert them into a prospect. All the money discuss above was not wasted!

Hansons Exit Intent

The bottom line

Exit Intent is critical to web conversions. A passive chat box does nothing to enhance the capture rate of web traffic. Once the box does appear, a disengaged chat response does not help at all. Only DontGo combines Exit Intent with AI to execute truly on this proven web conversion strategy. Someone at every company knows how many web visitors each business gets and what percentage take action. We do not believe there is a business in the world that would not benefit from a 15% uptick in conversions.


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