DontGo’s Exit Intent Technology is What’s Setting Us Apart

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Date: July 11, 2016

By Kara Carter in DontGo News

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If you haven’t already heard of us, you’re about to

DontGo’s reinvented version of live chat software utilizing automated intelligence is already disrupting the chat software industry. After only 30 days in the marketplace, we are adding more than a customer a day to the company rolls. Businesses are realizing that only about 4% of their website traffic actually engages with them to conduct business.

DontGo’s chat software actively engages the customers that were on their way to your competitors’ website, making it more likely to generate leads and reel in customers. You can read more about why DontGo automated intelligence is more successful than live chat in Entrepreneur David Wigler’s blog, The Business Chat Industry is Broken.

Let us focus on one of DontGo’s critical features

Different from passive chat windows that sit unutilized on the bottom of your website, DontGo’s chat window pops up when the website visitor moves their mouse to the top right or bottom left corner of their screen (Where they go to exit your website and take their money elsewhere). The chat box pops up in the middle of the screen with a custom tailored message or offer and figuratively says “Don’t Go” to your website traffic. This feature is called exit intent, and it’s one of DontGo’s patent technologies. The strategy behind this is to engage the visitor when they’re thinking about leaving your webpage.


DontGo Exit Intent

If you haven’t already, try moving your mouse to the corner of the screen to activate our exit intent. The script is customized to fit your business!


Exit intent is keeping people on their website longer, and generating more leads. Try a risk free 30-day trial to see if DontGo’s exit intent technology brings in more leads from your website.

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