5 Reasons People are Leaving Your Website. Number 4 is a Game Changer


Date: July 18, 2016

By Kara Carter in DontGo News

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Our team at DontGo has found that 96% of website visitors will leave a website without any engagement! If a person has a dollar to spend and they’re in need of a service, they’ll search until they find what their looking for. If your website doesn’t catch their eye or engage them, they’ll move on to your competitor’s website. Is your website guilty of any of these?

1. Poor website design.

Ideally, the first thing your website visitor will notice is the content. However, the visual aspect of your website is going to make the first impression on your viewers. If your website looks outdated or unattractive, unfortunately it may lead to the visitor distrusting your website.
Try sticking to color schemes, a balanced layout, easy to read fonts and font sizes, and breaking up text with blank space and images.
For more help with website design, check out Hubspot’s workbook on redesigning your website.

Mike Morris Law Firm’s website is easy to navigate and visually appealing. They even customized their DontGo chat window to match their color scheme!

Mike Morris Website Design

2. Auto-play videos and auto-play ads.

If the person clicking on your website doesn’t know they’re activating a video, auto-play may be the reason they’re clicking the back button. Auto play can be overwhelming and annoying, so give visitors the choice of hitting play. Entice visitors to hit play with an intriguing caption on the video and an interesting preview image.

3. Your website takes too long to load.

The threshold of frustration is the time a person is willing to wait for your website to load. Can you guess how long their willing to wait? Depending on how important your website is to the person, it’s usually less than 10 seconds.
There could be a few reasons why your website might be taking too long to load. Kathryn Aragon has some awesome tips on how to speed up your website.

4. You’re not actively engaging visitors.

Even if your website is attractive to the website visitor, odds are they’ll still want to see what else is out there. It’s important to have a system of how you’re going to grab the attention of your visitor and engage them. DontGo exit intent chat software senses when a visitor is moving their mouse off your webpage and will activate an artificial intelligence chat window instantly. The AI chat technology provides a response to the visitor immediately to keep the visitor engaged. DontGo chat software is known to turn 20% more of website visitors into buyers.

5. Asking for information too early.

Let me start off by say that it’s important to get information from your website visitor! But if you restrict access to browse your website until the person signs up or logs in, it could turn them away from your website. Watch out for this mistake in chat software. Most live chats will ask the visitors to give their name, contact information, and will ask irrelevant questions before they answer the visitor’s question.

Of course there are many do’s and don’ts when strategizing the success of your website. But if you’re looking to keep people on your website longer and engage visitors, try out these five tips! You’ll see a difference in your website’s performance, and dare we say, more leads!

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