There’s a Huge, Obvious Problem with your Business’s Website. We Found the Solution


Date: June 30, 2016

By Kara Carter in DontGo News

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What’s the problem?

Using your website to conduct business can be a wonderful tool. It allows you to advertise to potential clients from essentially anywhere, it can efficiently provide them with information about your business, and it can help potential clients get in touch with you to conduct further business.

However, the lack of two way engagement on a website causes lost business. If you had a potential client in front of you, you’d introduce yourself, entice them with your business, ask if they have questions, and give them a valued customer service experience. That customer service is lost on a website, making it easy for shoppers to go from one business to the next quickly, without initiating any business.

You might be using the “flawed” solution on your website.

We’ve all seen the attempted solution to this, live chat software. However, the live chat software on the current market is flawed and can give a more frustrating experience to users than if the website didn’t have chat at all.

That’s because the person on the other end of the chat needs to find out certain information from the user before they can answer the question. They are required to ask irrelevant questions to they can meet their contact quota. When the chat operator is having conversations with several people at a time, response times exceed the person’s threshold of frustration. They’ll give up on the conversation and most likely your business.

Another reason why current live chat software is flawed, depending on how many operators are staffed, the live chat simply cannot be staffed 24/7/365. The employer has to account for sick days, time off, and low traffic times. Building a suitable staff becomes costly.

This the biggest advancement in online customer service and website conversion to date.

DontGo is completely raising the standard in online customer service and converting visitors into customers. Our patent artificial intelligence technology engages website visitors when it senses they’re becoming unengaged. When the visitor’s mouse is headed to leave the page, our chat actively pops up and begins a conversation. Once the visitor responds to our chat, our AI technology responds to them instantly. Our AI technology is keyword based, and custom responses can be added to your businesses chat.

DontGo offers customer chat window designs with your business’s branding, analytical tool for interaction reports, A/B split testing to optimize the most successful scripts, and more features to fit your business’s needs.

The way we see it, chat software has the potential to be an excellent customer service tool, but the problem is it isn’t. DontGo is going to change the chat software industry, we have found the solution to providing an excellent customer service experience with our patent AI technology.

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