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Increase Your Bottom Line Without Increasing Your Advertising Budget.

Your advertising is bringing traffic to your website but 96% of your web visitors leave without taking action. The DontGo Chat is not an annoying pop-up. It ONLY launches as visitors move their cursor to leave your site. They were leaving anyway. DontGo gives you one more chance to get them to take action.


Increase Revenue

Increase conversion rates and reduce shopping cart and lead form abandonment. Introduce web visitors to new products and services through up-sells & cross-sells.


Decrease Cost

Reduce customer service and support costs by immediately and efficiently addressing user questions. Replace live chat and customer service calls with our artificial intelligence and pre-loaded responses.


Capture Customer Insights And Intel

Learn about your customers. All user interactions are collected and available in easy to follow reports. Leverage this information to gain greater insight into user inquiries, trends and opportunities.


Engage Web Visitors

Visitors are happier because they were addressed immediately and personally, with engaging information and solutions. Your DontGo responses are always on duty; they’re accurate and consistent 24/7/365.


Improve Ad Budget ROI

By converting a higher percentage of your visitors to leads and leads to buyers, your existing ad budget will net you a better ROI. (Or dare we say, you might be able to spend less?)


Try Us For Free

Try DontGo at no charge for 30 days. You can cancel any time. We’re confident that you will see results immediately and that DontGo will more than pay for itself each month.