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AI Chat Technology For Ecommerce

It doesn’t matter what you sell: if you have an Ecommerce business, conversions are worth their weight in gold. Stop measuring clicks and impressions and start measuring real results… online sales.

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Exit Intent Technology To Reduce Cart Abandonment

If you’re in Ecommerce, your website is the number one member of your sales team. Does it have all the tools that it needs to not only drive traffic to your site, but convert that traffic into measurable leads and sales?

That’s where we come in. With the best exit intent technology and relevant, learning AI Chat features, DontGo can help keep your traffic on your site and in their shopping cart, to capture the leads you need, and to convert the sales necessary for your bottom line.

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We Move The Metrics That Matter

You can measure clicks until you’re blue in the face. But at the end of the day, we know what metrics really matter: the ones that put more dollars in your bottom line.

DontGo Conversion Features

AI Chatbot To Reduce Cart Abandonment

If you sell online, your potential customers have questions. A lot of them. Make sure that your website has the answers that turn ‘maybe later’ into ‘buy now.’

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DontGo’s AI Is Always Learning Your Business

Our AI Chatbot is always learning, and that means that it can interact with your customers, no matter how complex your product or industry. Learn how our learning works.

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Industry Specific Campaigns

Generic sales copy and ‘click now’ ads are past their prime. Learn how you can use DontGo to tailor a specific campaign to the products that you offer.

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More Than A Pop-Up

Nobody likes a pop-up ad, but everyone loves personalized service. Keep your digital customers happy with DontGo:

Exit Intent

Keep your visitors where they belong: on your site. Check out DontGo’s Exit Intent technology.

AI Chatbot

No more monitoring live chat: the fully automated chat solution tailored for your business.

Keyword Driven

What makes DontGo relevant and helpful for your customers? Valid keyword research.

Industry Specific Campaigns

You need compelling campaigns designed to retain and convert customers… customized for your industry.

Split Testing

Rotate, test and optimize agent scripts to maximize lead results with split testing from DontGo’s AI Chatbot.

Always Learning

DontGo’s AI technology gets more relevant to your customers with every chat.

Human Support

Just because we make the best AI Chatbot on the market doesn’t mean you won’t get the best, attentive human support services with DontGo.


We place a customized invitation to call you directly into the AI Chat script, to encourage customers to reach out.

Brands that Trust DontGo

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Ecommerce Sales Need Boosting? DontGo Delivers!

Don’t take our word for it: take a look at the ways that DontGo has delivered real, measurable results to our customers.

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Questions We're Asked

How do I get my leads?

DontGo integrates with your CRM or LMS to get your leads to you in real time. No CRM? No problem! We also send leads in real time via email and text!

How much does DontGo Software Cost?

DontGo is a customized solution, unique for different enterprises. To discuss the various customizations and pricing models, please get in touch with us HERE

How does the chat know what to say?

Each chat is carefully built and customized to your business. We've taken years of FAQs, chat conversations, and other metrics and have created proven scripts that grow and improve each day, delivering real leads and real results in real time.

How does DontGo capture abandoning web traffic?

DontGo’s Abandonment Prediction technology monitors the website visitor’s behavior to detect the exact moment of abandonment and simultaneously launch a personal engagement.

How do I load DontGo on to my site?

We send you or your web developer(s) a snippet of code that is copy and pasted to your website. It's that easy!

Who would use DontGo?

DontGo is a multifaceted solution specifically built for website monetization. We work best for mid to large sized B2C companies actively using their websites to generate more leads or sales for their business.

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Don’t leave money on the table. Don’t let leads slip through the cracks. DontGo… request a demo and learn how DontGo can convert more sales for your business.