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AI Chat is a super effective way to engage customers. But sometimes, they just want to talk to someone on the phone. That’s where our Click-To-Call feature comes in handy.

Incorporate an invitation to call into your AI Chat script. Place it in the chat window itself, or below the Chatbot profile. We place a customized, inviting ‘Click-To-Call’ button to encourage customers to reach out. It’s more effective than a phone number on your home page- these visitors are already engaged with your company and willing to talk. Which means our Click-To-Call buttons get big results when it comes to conversions.

DontGo can program the Click-To-Call button to forward to your office line, or to a succession of office lines if the first number is unable to answer, to make sure that someone is always available. We can forward numbers to your voicemail or after hours answering service depending on what time of day they click. There are even back-end portals available for recording those calls!

Keyword Driven

You have enabled an AI Chat feature to help answer any customer questions on your company website. You’ve even enabled exit intent features to help keep your traffic where you want it… on your site. But here’s the thing: your job isn’t over yet. It’s not enough to have the ability to engage with your potential customers.

You need to make sure that you have real and relevant answers to their questions.

That’s why DontGo’s exit intent AI Chat features are driven by the keywords that matter to your website visitors.

Our content is completely customizable and programmable to your specific industry and offerings. We center our chat scripts and offerings around the most relevant keywords for your target market so that their questions get answered in a personal and engaging way that reduces cart abandonment and boosts lead capture.

Exit Intent

A customer is on your site. Maybe they’ve been browsing your offerings, maybe even put something in their shopping cart. But they get cold feet… maybe they think they need to shop around for a cheaper option, or maybe they still have questions that your website hasn’t answered. So they leave.

That’s why exit intent technology exist: when the visitor tries to close the browser tab, or navigate away from your site, a window pops up and makes sure they really want to do so.

With other companies, it’s just another static popup banner ad. DontGo is different.

Our exit intent technology is completely interactive. DontGo exit intent technology use AI Chat technology to re-engage and reinvest your visitors to reduce cart abandonment and boost lead conversions. And it’s completely customizable… use it to offer an enticing promo offer, or to upsell and cross-sell to other products in your catalog.

AI Chatbot

Lots of websites use live chat. In fact, it’s becoming a more and more effective way to reach internet savvy consumers who are slower to pick up the phone. But live chat has its disadvantages. You need to have a dedicated employee around to monitor the chat at all times, or you seem like you’re unresponsive. Or you hire a service where someone overseas tries to answer customer questions, badly, and poorly represents your quality of service.

DontGo has a better way.

DontGo uses completely customizable AI chat technology to answer most customers common questions, using your expertise. Visitors are happier with DontGo because they are addressed immediately and personally, with engaging information and solutions.

Plus, DontGo’s AI Chat is always learning and providing better answers to your potential customers, whether they initiate the chat or whether they engage with an exit intent conversation box.

Industry Specific Campaigns

At DontGo, we recognize that every industry is different. And a campaign that gives great results in the home improvement industry, (like this one, which generated $2.1 million for 1-800 Hansons,) may not be a great fit for a straight ecommerce business. When it comes to addressing the specific needs of your target market, one size does not fit all.

That’s where our Industry Specific Campaigns come in.

We take the information your customer needs and direct the conversation to fit your sales flow… no matter what line you’re in.

Our chat scripts are built around your needs, designed to answer the FAQs of your customers and built to direct customers through your company’s sales funnel. Our experts can take our innovative AI Chat technology and customize it on the back end to fit your industry.

Split Testing

Marketers love to make big promises, but they don’t always stick around to ensure big results. DontGo stands behind our product and process to make sure we find the most effective AI Chat and exit intent campaigns for your digital sales flow.

One of the best ways to do that? Split testing.

We can run two different versions of your chatbot. We can run it at different times, or have it triggered by different user behaviors. We can run different AI Chat scripts on different pages, or alternate scripts every other day in order to measure which one is more effective.

By split testing and determining the most effective solutions for your site, we continue to customize DontGo to fit the needs of your customers and to get you more leads and online sales.

Always Learning

No matter how good your market research, you can’t climb inside the heads of your potential customers and know precisely what questions they’ll ask before they ask them. It takes experience to know the types of questions that your customers usually ask, and to develop the most effective way to address their question while positioning your product or service. It takes constant, vigilant learning in order to be an expert.

DontGo’s AI Chatbot is always learning, too.

With customizable programming and machine learning technology, DontGo is equipped to run scripts to answer customer questions. If customers ask a question that our AI Chat isn’t prepared to answer, we can program a new answer for the next time the question gets asked. DontGo can learn which answers are more effective in generating leads and sales and can even position those answers to cross-sell and upsell different products to your potential customers.

Human Support

We build the most effective exit intent AI Chatbot in the industry. But that doesn’t mean we don’t value the personal touch.

With DontGo, you’re only a phone call or email away from real human support to address any issues that you may have. We answer your questions and help you when you need it. And most of our customer issues are able to be resolved by our support team within 24 hours.

If you need content changes or modifications to your DontGo features, we can resolve those speedily too.

Our human support doesn’t just stop at the phone line, either. Our team is always working to make your experience with DontGo better. Our team proactively monitors your chatbot daily to analyze it for effectiveness. Flags are triggered and addressed before an issue becomes a serious problem.

Intending To Exit? Not On Our Watch.

Don’t leave money on the table. Don’t let leads slip through the cracks. DontGo… request a demo and learn how DontGo can convert more sales for your business.